Digital Customer Experience

My passion is to deliver the next level in Digital Customer Experience by bringing new innovations and technologies. I believe in a seamless commerce experience delivering all touchpoints in the Customer Journey by a truly integrated platform. This allows us to treat each customer as the individual they are all the time. And deliver a consistent and seamless experience, interacting as one unified brand.

An Individualized Customer Experience

The expectations of customers in their shopping experience has increased heavily. Millennials and Generation Z is born in a world of smartphones, Social Media and online shopping. The need to interact 24/7 is increasing and brings new challenges to the brands. The customer is expecting no longer a personalized customer experience, but an individualized customer experience.

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Prevent a Bad Customer Experience

Many people are telling you how to bring a better Customer Experience. With new technology or better marketing, many aspects of the Customer Journey can be improved. But I strongly advise you focus first on preventing a Bad Customer Experience!

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The challenges of Ecommerce in China

In 2016, China overtook the United States in becoming the world’s Ecommerce leader. With 450 million online shoppers, Ecommerce in China was generating $750 billion of online transactions for that year. But Ecommerce in China did not go as smooth as in the US. Many challenges had to overcome. 

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The history of Ecommerce in the USA

The history of Ecommerce started 40 years ago, but online shopping only became possible when the internet was opened to the public in 1991. At first, the big players like Amazon and eBay were dictating the Ecommerce market, but in 2018 Amazon is the leading Ecommerce company in the United States with $53 billion revenue a year.

This article will address some of the key players and milestones of Ecommerce in the USA.

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Hybris rebranded to SAP C/4HANA and Ecommerce is growing rapidly

SAP is taking the aim at Salesforce and Adobe by improving the Customer Experience capabilities of Hybris and therefore SAP Hybris rebranded to SAP C/4HANA.

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