About me

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My name is Martijn van Deel and I am a father, husband, Christian, gamer, motorcyclist, traveler, soccer player, tennis player, and sometimes a runner. I was born in 1984 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and currently living in the heart of this small country.

After my degree in Media and Science, I started my career at a Digital Agency working for many cool brands like JDE, Heineken, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, FrieslandCampina, and more. After 7 wonderful years, I moved to a global System Integration to work more globally for clients like PPG, Mediq, Maxeda, Medtronic, DSM, Action, and more.

My expertise was always in Commerce and Digital Marketing. I designed and built Ecommerce platforms and Digital Customer Experience platforms with technology from SAP.

I am succesfull because I understand people and technology and bring them together. I am a good listener and people feel heard. I am building the relationship with them and they repay me with their trust.

Value over tools

I rather talk about business value then tools. When engaged with clients who want to improve their customer service department or personalize their digital marketing, I first want to understand the existing businesses and understand the vision and strategy of the company. I then use my experience of project implementations and knowledge of the CX technology and trends to build tailored advice and roadmap to achieve the expected business outcome.

Believe in DevOps

I strongly believe in a DevOps delivery model with continuous improvement to deliver business value faster. The needs of clients have changed from implementing a tool with a fixed price contract to focus on delivering business value as fast as possible. My approach is to deliver an out-of-the-box solution first and then add business requirements in a DevOps continuous improvement model.

I understand the technical consequences of DevOps as well as the people consequences. Automating everything, build, test and deploy using a CI/CD pipeline brings a different way of working. Clients need to think of small releasable features that can be deployed fast, and tested by the customer as soon as possible, to gather feedback if the feature brings the expected value. And if not, remove the feature just as easy.

Connecting People

I love to work with people is the best part of being a consultant. It brings me energy when I can help someone; coaching colleagues, bring advice to a client, or deliver a solution above his expectation.

As a team leader I value the concept of Connected Manager, help my team member grow professionally and personally. I do this by guiding them in their career, challenge them on objectives and goals and provide open feedback to them.

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