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Hybris rebranded to SAP C/4HANA and Ecommerce is growing rapidly

SAP is taking the aim at Salesforce and Adobe by improving the Customer Experience capabilities of Hybris and therefore SAP Hybris rebranded to SAP C/4HANA.

More and more consumers in the Netherlands order products online increasing the revenue of Ecommerce rapidly. What are the top reasons for consumers to not choose a webshop? And what will happen to the city centers is more people will buy online?

SAP Hybris rebranded to SAP C/4HANA

A big announcement from SAP on Sapphire 2018, rebranding SAP Hybris to SAP C/4HANA. SAP Hybris is the leading Ecommerce solution according to Gartner and Forrester for years now, but with this announcement, SAP will focus on improving the recognized weaknesses of the product. The WCMS and personalization capabilities of SAP Hybris are lacking behind compared to Adobe, Salesforce, and Magento.

By focusing more and more on Customer Experience, SAP is taking the aim to Salesforce and Adobe. I am looking forward to hopefully an improved WCMS and personalization capabilities for SAP C/4HANA. (What a mouthful)
And of course, focusing on Customer Experience is always a good idea for any product.

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Ecommerce is growing rapidly in the Netherlands.

The revenue for the first quarter of 2018 of webshops in the Netherlands increased to 6.3 Billion euro. In April the revenue even increased by 23%. These figures were presented by More and more Dutch consumers spent their money online ordering food, buying toys or health products as these markets are entering the world of Ecommerce.

If Ecommerce is growing, less consumer will come to the cities to buy their products. This means that retail shops will vanish from the city centers or transform to showcase stores, like for example the Apple or Tesla stores. The city centers will transform into social areas where people can meet, have lunch or dinner, drink coffee, and while passing by, experience new products via window-shopping.

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One of the biggest Dutch franchise-organization on hardware stores, Intergamma, announced to invest 100 Million euro on IT to become the best omnichannel retailer of the Benelux. This seems like a lot of money, right?

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What do you prefer: free shipping or a fast delivery? It seems that we prefer free shipping over fast delivery. More than 60% of the Dutch customer is willing to wait a little longer for their order to be delivered if that results in lower shipping costs. I think we are Cheapass Dutch after all. The top 3 reasons to not choose a webshop is high shipping costs, extra payment costs, and no free returns.

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By Martijn van Deel

I have over 12 years of experience in Commerce and Digital Marketing. I designed and built Ecommerce platforms and Digital Customer Experience platforms with technology from SAP.

I am successful because I understand people and technology and can bring them together. I am a good listener and people feel heard and they repay me with their trust.

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I’m glad the confusion has finally be noticed and attempts made to rectify it from the top down. I am sad the Hybris brand is being lost but the new focus will be surely good for the portfolio overall.

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