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Build a trusted relationship with your customers with SAP C/4HANA

Everyone is looking for new, inventive ways to bring a unique experience to the customer. No longer can we focus on simply creating satisfied customers, we need to create loyal customers. A loyal customer comes back time and again and they will recommend that others do too.

The Customer Experience solution by SAP, branded as C/4HANA, brings customer data, machine learning, and microservices together to set the new standard on CRM. This enables you to power real-time, intelligent customer engagements across sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce.

Customers today have high expectations and demand seamless experiences. They expect your business to safeguard their personal data and to know and understand them and provide engaging personalized experiences to help them achieve their goals.

We live in an era that is full of technology. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality –  all of these technologies are becoming commonplace in our everyday lives. To build relationships with our customers, we need to look at their experience end to end. In reality, there is no single solution to fulfill all the needs of the entire customer journey. You need various technologies, but they all have to be integrated into a single experience since most customers use multiple touchpoints to interact. With artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular, you have the tools to get to know your customer better. These tools provide you with valuable insights that are necessary to drive a personal experience. By processing unprecedented amounts of data, you can not only respond to the needs of the customer, but also predict them.

SAP C/4HANA integrates five Customer Experience cloud solutions

SAP Marketing Cloud allows you to target and engage customers with relevant campaigns. It is a truly intelligent enterprise marketing solution that gives marketers data-driven customer profiles and helps them create focus and target and engage customers with relevant experiences. On a single screen, you can capture and manage your customer profiles across your channels and get real-time insights into their needs, behavior, and intent.

SAP Customer Data Cloud, with Gigya, helps turn unknown visitors into known loyal customers by engaging with them across devices and channels. It also helps you earn customers’ trust by demonstrating transparency in processing their personal data and giving them full control of their profiles, preferences, and consent settings for both self-volunteered data and IoT data. With SAP Customer Data Cloud, you can power your trusted digital experience with permission-based, first-party customer data at each point.

SAP Sales Cloud helps sales representatives focus on the right deals, optimize margins, and improve the buying experience and monetize new business models. It helps you build a healthier pipeline by focusing on deals that are more likely to close and improves sales productivity by developing your sales skills and abilities. With SAP Sales Cloud, you improve the buying experience with recommended products and by highlighting upselling and cross-selling opportunities and you monetize new business models, including onetime, usage-based, and subscriptions. SAP Sales Cloud helps your sales reps stay motivated through the entire customer journey with transparent incentives, optimized to align sales behavior to your organization strategies.

With a simple to use add-in for Microsoft Outlook you can see your leads, accounts, opportunities, and activities in a single overview.

SAP Commerce Cloud offers personalized seamless commerce and order management. For B2B business, SAP Commerce Cloud helps simplify and enhance your online customers’ experience with personalized recommendations. This portfolio provides the capabilities your organization needs to drive your omnichannel business. For example, bulk ordering is as simple as updating a simple ordering form or uploading an Excel spreadsheet. And if you want to sell directly to consumers, SAP Commerce Cloud helps you to deliver a highly personalized Customer Experience. SAP Commerce Cloud helps you give your customers a seamless experience with a full overview of their transaction – from order status, order changes through delivery.

SAP Service Cloud provides comprehensive customer service, support tickets, and interaction. SAP Service Cloud ushers in the new age of end-to-end service, with customer service and field service offerings. Your customers get easy access to service through chat, video chat, email, or phone calls. SAP Service Cloud works seamlessly with SAP Commerce Cloud to boost your storefront experience with exceptional customer service. For Field Service, customers can access relevant product or service information and obtain and schedule service right from their mobile devices, and with Crowd Service, you can boost your service performance and meet customer expectations by creating an on-demand service network with your own staff, partners, and freelancers. SAP Service Cloud can help you create a service organization that keeps your customers happy, your field staff busy, and your operational costs down.

Deliver a seamless experience with a truly integrated platform

“SAP C/4HANA is the biggest development initiative within SAP by far.” — Hasso Plattner, Chairman, Supervisory Board of SAP SE.

The five Customer Experience cloud solutions work together to help put your customer at the center. SAP C/4HANA is a modern, integrated suite that empowers businesses to optimize customer experience. It modernizes the sales-only focus of legacy CRM software by continually engaging customers instead of ending communication once an order is placed.

By Martijn van Deel

I have over 12 years of experience in Commerce and Digital Marketing. I designed and built Ecommerce platforms and Digital Customer Experience platforms with technology from SAP.

I am successful because I understand people and technology and can bring them together. I am a good listener and people feel heard and they repay me with their trust.

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