Many people are telling you how to bring a better Customer Experience. With new technology or better marketing, many aspects of the Customer Journey can be improved. But I strongly advise you focus first on preventing a Bad Customer Experience!

We all know the stories, or even experienced the horror. You see a product on Instagram or Facebook and it looks great. A musthave. You click the buy button and in 3 easy steps you bought the product. Now you just wait and relax. But after 5 days, when you finally received the package, you open the package and it looks like nothing that you have seen on the advertisement!

With great disappointment, you pick up your phone and start searching for the company. You are looking for instructions on how to return the product and get your money back. But all that can find is a company address and a small text saying the shipping fee for returning a product is huge!

Deliver what you promise

In China ‘trust’ was a big issues when Ecommerce rises. When buying a product online, the consumer was hoping he would get the product he ordered. Many products delivered were fake, if you got the product at all. Alibaba mitigated this ‘trust’ issue by guaranteeing the consumer would get the money back.
But it learns us a big lesson. Always deliver what you promise.

Trust is the key in buying online

  • The product images and the product description must be accurate on the product. Do not use a disclaimer stating the product image might be different. That will scare customers away.
  • Don’t surprise the customer with extra costs. Show the correct product price and the shipping costs and other costs when applicable.
  • Show when the customer can expect the product by giving accurate delivery days. Do not use a range, but be on the safe side. For example, say 3 days instead of 2-3 days.
  • Customers expect a free return policy. When you cannot provide this service, be really clear on the return conditions and costs.

Be ready for the high customers expectations

If you are not ready to deliver according the high expectations of the customers, you should really consider using the online channel to sell. Online advertisement can help you sell more products, but if the product is not good, it is wiser to invest your money in improving the product.

If you cannot deliver the expected, the customer will return the product, wants his money back and will never buy from you again. And you can be sure the customer will tell his bad customer experience to his friends, colleagues or worse; social media.

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